Live Pitches on Periscope

I like to think of myself as an early adopter. What self respecting nerd/vc isn't an early adopter, at least for some things.  However, when it comes to social and messaging applications I am practically a Luddite. I hated friendster and myspace and certainly didn't think the world needed Facebook. I didn't get Twitter. for years I resisted texting when email would do and I continue to refuse to use messaging apps. (Zuckerberg deserves a special place in hell for allowing people to send me messages through Facebook on desktop but then making ME open messenger to read them.)

I don't invest in social so this hasn't been a huge detriment to my personal or professional life but it does make me feel slightly less cool. The biggest drawback has been that I tend to get shitty usernames because I join a bit late. (Hey @jake, when you get sick of using Twitter let me know). 

All that said I've decided to give periscope a try. When Periscope and Meerkat blew up last year my initial reaction was that these were unnecessary social/communication tools destined for the dust bin of history but I've recently watched some periscope feeds (@sacca is pretty solid) and am sold.   In the next month or so I hope to begin a series of live pitches. It seems to me most founders never get to see other founder's pitch (demo days don't count) and it could be really valuable. It could also be a total failure. We're just experimenting and living on the edge here.

If you are interested in pitching live via Periscope let me know @runvc. Lets do this thing. 

**If you have some secret sauce you want to keep confidential we can kill the feed during that portion of the pitch.