What happened to mystery

Sometimes I wonder if the mobile revolution is undermining our collective ability to problem solve.

I’ve always been extremely curious, the kind of person who asks “why” or “how” a thousand times a day about everything from why beavers dam up creeks to how suspension bridges work. I probably drove my parents crazy. It used to be that I would take a few minutes and try to reason the answer out. I was wrong more often than not but I can’t help thinking the exercise was extremely valuable to developing my reasoning abilities.

Today when kids are confronted by the mysteries of the world around them they can use their phones to find immediate answers. On the one hand this is a fantastic learning tool. On the other hand, google and Wikipedia have replaced our need to reason, draw inferences and make hypotheses about the world in which we live. I don’t know if it’s a net positive.  Until the digital natives have grown up I don’t think we’ll have a clear answer but I am a little afraid that the movie ideocracy  may prove to be a little too spot on.