At Sazze Partners we are looking for companies with grand vision and world changing potential. We like to find founders who are making the impossible happen through sheer force of will and a refusal to accept hard "truths." 




  • Stage

We look for smoke and help you make fire

Given what it means to be raising a pre-seed, seed or A round has become a bit confusing recently, we think it makes more sense to tell you what we look for in an investment rather than try to slap an imprecise label on it: We are looking to be involved in the first round where you are raising substantial institutional capital. We look for companies that are past the idea stage and have at least seen wisps of product market fit and we look for evidence that the market response to your offering is improving over time.


  • Industry: 

    If you build it, we will look

    If we’re being honest, we think industry distinctions are almost meaningless today. In 1990 industries could be distinct and so could the technology companies who serviced them. Now, convergence is the one mega-trend we are certain will continue. Moreover, it is precisely where formerly distinct industries converge that some of the most exciting opportunities can be found.

    That said, these are some of the things at which we are actively looking: Marketplaces, e-commerce and e-commerce related services, innovative mobile solutions, cyber security, synthetic biology and AI. 


  • Founders: 

    Science fiction dreams plus irrepressible determination

    It is cliché but a great founding team can make a bad idea into a good business whereas a bad team can’t succeed no matter how strong the idea. We are looking for strong teams with complimentary skill sets who have domain knowledge and are scary passionate about what they are building.  


  • Geography: 

    U.S. + Korea If its good enough for Psy its good enough for us.

    United States: While financial capital is concentrated in New York and Silicon Valley, we believe that human capital is much more evenly distributed. We like to invest locally just so that face-to-face meetings are easier but we are more than willing to invest in companies outside of the traditional geographies. To date we have invested in Silicon Valley, New York, Southern California, North Carolina, Texas and Missouri.

    Korea: We also invest extensively in companies that were founded in and/or or operate in Korea. The technology infrastructure in Korea and the entrepreneurial culture there are just as strong as anywhere else in the world. We believe that there are great opportunities for growth in Korea and we also believe that Korea provides a fantastic entry point to other Asian markets. 


  • Check Size: 

    Our initial investment ranges anywhere from $50K – $500K and we like to be in a position to own 5% or more of the company.

  • Involvement: 

    We believe that even seed stage companies can get immense value out of regular board meetings, the trick is knowing how to make your board meetings valuable. We also believe that the more we know about you and your business the more we can help out along the way. We look for companies where our active involvement is welcomed and desired.

  • Deal Structures: 

    We use simple founder friendly terms and templates like KISS, SAFE or Series Seed and we don’t play hide the ball. 


Life Changing: 

You will feel like a new person, you will see the world through new eyes and you will want to celebrate by buying fancy jewelry and fine Bordeaux. (Please don’t spend your seed money on watches and wine, save that for the A round).